Direct Sales Jewelry Companies

Jewelry has always been an appealing product base for many direct sellers. The fact that it is wearable and very portable makes it easy to take around and present to consumers. Jewelry is also a staple in many women’s closets, so much so that many women have actually made it a point to collect different pieces to mix and match or wear separately for different occasions.

Since jewelry is a very marketable product, many women who venture into direct selling often choose companies that specialize in jewelry as their primary product base. Jewelry is perhaps one of the most sought-after products in the industry, making it an ideal product choice for many women.

Home Based Jewelry Businesses

There are many direct sales companies specializing in jewelry so if you are in the lookout for companies that you can join, below are some of the best companies to consider for this category:

Paparazzi Accessories

Established in 2008 as a small-time venture, Paparazzi Accessories quickly gained popularity and was eventually launched as a direct sales company in the year 2009. Paparazzi Accessories is best known for their stylish and affordable pieces. Offering a complete line of jewelry and even hairpieces all for $5 or less, this new direct sales company has become the brand of choice for many women. Paparazzi Accessories also offers quite the business opportunity; offering independent consultants up to 45% commissions on retail sales and the chance to earn 10% on sponsorship commissions by recruiting new consultants and building a team, this company certainly offers a bright future for its consultants.


Launched on June 2011, bCharmed is one of the newest members of the direct sales industry. The company specializes in custom charms and jewelry. Interested stylists can expect to earn personal retail commissions ranging from 20% to 32% and up to 9% commissions on personal downlines. Starter kits are offered for only $199 and it comes with over $600 worth of bCharmed products and as well as stylist manuals and tools to help you get started. By becoming a bCharmed independent stylist, you do not only get a chance to start your own jewelry business but you also get a chance to get $500 worth of free bCharmed jewelry for yourself if you sponsor a new stylist or sell a minimum of $2000 worth of jewelry within your first 90 days as a stylist. The company is also open to creative and dynamic jewelry designers to join their team.

Origami Owl

Origami Owl may be a newcomer in the direct sales industry but they are quickly gaining recognition from consumers because of their unique product base. Known for their living lockets, Origami Owl wants to give their customers the opportunity to tell stories, remember special occasions, and highlight personal interests through their necklaces. What makes Origami Owl unique aside from their living lockets is that the company was founded by a 14-year old, proof that anyone can achieve their dreams.

More than just an accessory, Origami Owl jewelry is a personal statement worn around one’s neck. With hundreds of different charms to choose from, you can easily tell your story through a combination of small charms each embellished with such rich detail to allow you to tell your story much better.

Chloe + Isabel

Another recent newcomer to the direct sales industry is a company called Chloe + Isabel. Its beta launching was held on May 2011 and while they have only been in the industry for a few months, Chloe + Isabel has already been successful in making a name for itself in the fashion and direct sales industries. Offering stylish jewelry pieces inspired by both classic and contemporary designs, Chloe + Isabel is considered a premium jewelry brand in the industry. Chloe + Isabel independent merchandisers can earn 30% commissions on personal sales and group commissions ranging from 4% to 12%. Founded by Chantel Waterbury, an expert fashion merchandiser and jewelry designer, Chloe + Isabel merchandisers can certainly expect top-of-the-line training from this new direct sales jewelry company.

Jewel Kade

Jewel Kade is a direct sales jewelry company that recognizes the need to create personalized jewelry pieces to suit the individual needs of its customers. Inspired by “Old World” designs, Jewel Kade is unique because they offer wearable memories in the form of custom charms and jewelry. Independent consultants for Jewel Kade can expect to earn 25% to 30% commissions on personal sales and a chance to build their own team. Interested consumers can also host JK parties to earn free jewelry.

Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia has actually been around since 1986 but it wasn’t until the company underwent a change in leadership that it was renamed to Lia Sophia. A family-run company, Lia Sophia is considered to be a pioneer in the jewelry industry in direct sales. Its founders have had a decade of experience in the industry even before Lia Sophia was established. For only $149, interested consultants can start their own Lia Sophia venture and earn 30% commissions on personal sales and 10% sponsorship commissions. Lia Sophia features a wide-selection of jewelry pieces inspired by its founders’ personal tastes in jewelry, which are essentially a mixture of timeless and modern-day designs.

Cookie Lee

Cookie Lee is another direct sales jewelry company that has had decades of experience in the industry. Founded in 1985 by Cookie Lee, the company recognizes the need for every woman to achieve financial independence and success, which is why the company is dedicated in helping women start their own jewelry businesses and earn their own income. Cookie Lee offers one of the highest commission rates in direct sales, as the company offers its consultants with 50% of their personal sales plus attractive bonuses such as vacations and cars.

All of these companies specialize in jewelry but each offers a unique appeal. Whether you want to join a company that has had years of experience in the industry or a new company that is just at its startup stages, the aforementioned direct sales jewelry companies certainly offer great options.